I like to catch bad guys.

And by bad guys I mean bad creative, bad processes, and bad technology.

Fifteen years ago I was sitting in a board room for the first time. I was presenting to executives and board members from our company that made 10-15x my salary. It kind of felt like swimming with sharks.

I was there to explain how a single bad process had bled our small company of $1.2M a year. It was nobody’s fault. It was just the simple result of everyone trying to do their jobs.

It was at that moment I realized this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to help close the gaps in the business world with better processes and better technology. Maybe just in nicer clothes the next time.

That is the point at which I started my journey here.

A Life of Tracking

To say I’m passionate about change would be an understatement. I look for deltas in nearly everything I see. From photographing objects daily to track their growth or counting how many things someone can be counting before that person really isn’t counting anything at all — change fascinates me.

So if it is an important number I love it. If it’s a number I can influence I love it more.

So if we are talking you will always hear me ask questions about numbers. How many people complete that process? What’s the rate of return? What amount of money is being invested in creating that solution?

Part of the value that I provide is helping people understand the smallest number of things they can monitor while still being powerfully effective. Identifying what they currently focus on is the first step. Identifying what needs more focus comes next.

Is this the kind of insight you need?

Tell me a little about your needs in the contact form and let’s get started.

My marketing spend’s ROI is MIA.”

I can help you find your key performers.

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Leveraging how I see the complete picture is how I create the most value for my customers.

The internet can be such a new-shiny-thing-is-special kind of place. I can show you how all the things, not just the shiny ones, fit together to make businesses work.

I execute on this vision through the following services.


You know that horrible feeling you have when you know that something is not right and you just do not know why?

At times like this an auditing engagement is invaluable. We sit down (or stand up) and take stock of the major contributing factors that are contributing to a result. And then we drill.

The value of the audit comes in two forms. First, you get an unbiased, outside evaluation from an independent party. Second, you get critical insights on the limiting factors that need to be addressed so you capitalize on your opportunity.

Spending money on my consulting services should feel a little bit like buying perspective and lot like buying money.

If you have the feeling that your business is underperforming and you don’t know where, get started by sending me a few details.



Where an audit stops Discovery and Strategies begin. Here there is no question about the opportunity. Here you are just looking to qualify different solutions to best move on it.

Selecting the right approach to solve an issue can be just as important as knowledge of the opportunity in the first place.

Independent research combined with a quiver of solutions developed over twenty years of working online yields a variety of viable solutions for my customers.

Once you have selected a strategy you may still need help with implementation. You may need a specialist or a team of additional specialists to execute a strategy. Here I can provide you a network of professionals that can help guide you on the way. These professionals can be accessed directly or managed through an engagement.

When you work with me you are working with someone out to create the most economic leverage possible through their work.

Ready to take a look at some fresh options? Tell me a bit more about what you’d like to do.



Automations provide critical reductions in response times and platforms for new insights. Reduced response times means less downtime, more conversions, and better business growth. Platforms for new insights means being able to make smarter decisions that lead to higher profits.

I provide two distinctly different types of automations for my customers.

Data Assembly Automations

First, data assembly automations. Data assembly automations are a lot like what they sound. We’re merging data from multiple sources together. These data sources can be CSVs or external sources like APIs. We’re building a data set off which you can take action.

Process Monitoring Automations

Second, process monitoring automations. Here we are employing platforms that are persistently monitoring the performance of our businesses. Through this monitoring we can better understand when and where critical processes are breaking down.

Collecting and monitoring data on processes can be its own special PITA. Maybe you need a dataset assembled from 4-5 different sources. Maybe you need a system of alerts the moment production begins to slip. This is where I can add value for you.

Take a first step toward a more efficient business with a short email. Tell me what’s taking too long.


Nobody at my company can give me a clear picture of what’s happening with our website.”

Every click counts. I am happy to show you how.

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recent projects

Consultants that operate in the space that I do typically do not share our client list or our work product. This said, potential customers still often feel the need to understand the type of projects I take on. “What can you help me with?”

I regularly work with organizations of 25-5000 people. These recent projects types I have executed.


  • Digital Personnel Audit
  • E-Commerce Funnel Audit
  • Campaign Audit
  • Data Analysis Deep Dive
  • Platform Resource Audit
  • ADA Compliance Audit
  • Platform Compromise Audit


  • Case Study Strategy and Population
  • Employee Skill Development Program
  • Marketing Data Flow Strategy
  • Website(s) Insights Strategy
  • New Website for Merged Companies
  • Campaign Design
  • Spend Allocation Strategy


  • Data Cleansing Automation Tool
  • E-Commerce Monitoring Automation
  • Artist Dataset Construction

People just aren’t finding us.”

I can get you in front of customers interested in what you provide.

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